"Amtsadam, sir to you! Eternest cittas, heil! Here we are again I am bubub brought up under a camel act of dynasties long out of print, the first of Shitric Shilkanbeard (oor is it Owllaugh MacAuscullpth the Thord?), but, in pontofacts massimust, I am known throughout the world whever my good Allenglisches Angleslachsen is spoken by Sall and Will from Augustanus to Ergastulus, as this is, whether in Farnum's rath or Condra's ridge of the meadows of Dalkin or Monkish tunshep, by saints and sinners eyeeye alike as a cleanliving man and, as a matter of fict, by my halfwife, I think how our public at large appreciates it most highly from me that I am as cleanliving as could be an that my game was a fair average since i perpetually kept my ouja oujia wicket up." (532).